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High Quality Sea Kayaking Equipment

Why Choose Sea Quest

Our Sea Kayaking Equipment is the Finest Quality

Simply put, it’s the best sea kayaking equipment ever built!

We want your introduction to sea kayaking tours and camping trips to be a good one. That’s why we provide camping and sea kayaking equipment designed for comfort, safety, and quality. Regardless of trip length or destination, we outfit with the same high quality sea kayaking equipment on day tours, camping trips, and wilderness expeditions. While on the water or in remote regions, you won’t have to worry about your gear when you’re on a kayak vacation with Sea Quest Kayak Tours!

I found the sea kayaking equipment to be of the highest quality and in very good condition. I don’t believe I have ever been so relaxed and at peace with myself after a camping trip. As my boyfriend put it, ‘she didn’t stop smiling from the time we got back until she fell asleep that night’.

Gloria Fields, Beaverton, OR

The Best Designed Sea Kayaks of the Finest Quality

Our state-of-the-art sea kayaks are very stable. Don’t confuse these seafaring craft for their “tippy” cousins of the last generation. There’s no need to worry about our kayaks capsizing. Despite their amazing stability, our tandem kayaks are also extremely swift and easy to paddle. In fact, they are both faster and more stable than solo kayaks. Another advantage of using tandems is that we are able to balance the varied strengths of trip participants. This assures that everyone is able to paddle at a comfortable pace and remain together for safety. The stability of tandem kayaks also make them excellent platforms for observing and photographing whales and other wildlife.

Our sea kayak fleet in the San Juan Islands is completely new! All kayaks at this location are less than three years old. So are the paddles, skirts, and personal flotation jackets. Join us in the San Juan Islands and you’ll be using the latest designs and features most recently available to the sport.

high quality sea kayak

We spare no expense! Our San Juan Islands tour fleet is composed of the tandem Seascape Expedition and the triple cockpit Seascape 3. At our request, the manufacturer installs a variety of custom features in our boats to make them even more comfortable and safer than they were as originally designed. Chief among the extra safety features are the installation of four bulkheads in each boat. This means there are five separate compartments in each kayak and if one should get accidentally flooded, the others will provide plenty of buoyancy to stay afloat and enable movement to a safe location.

If you are comparing outfitters in our region, you might ask them about the condition and age of their kayaks. We know of some companies that use such old and poorly maintained boats that some actually sank to the bottom of the sea! We’ve seen others supply tandem kayaks that were missing watertight hatches, bulkheads and rudders.

Lightweight Kayak Paddles

We provide paddles of contemporary design and materials on all of our kayak trips. They are extremely strong and lightweight, which you will especially appreciate after a few hundred strokes into your kayaking vacation. Our fiberglass paddles are made by Werner, recognized as the best quality manufacturer of sea kayaking paddles in the modern era.

Roomy Tents for Camping Tours

Our tents are very comfortable due to their roomy interiors, generous ventilation, ample lighting, and waterproofness. Our top quality tents fit all these criteria perfectly. Two people share each tent, with plenty of room for both persons and their gear. A great tent can improve any camping trip! Our tents are made by companies that use computer design techniques to make their tents tauter and more spacious for the same material weight.

Essential Sea Kayaking Safety Equipment

Safety is our top priority on our kayak tours so each guide carries rescue gear and emergency signaling devices, including flares, rescue streamers, signal mirrors, tow belts, re-entry stirrups, and rescue floats. Fortunately, our guides or so well trained and use such good judgment when leading Sea Quest trips that we have never in our 25+ year history needed to launch a flare!

Coast Guard approved PFD’s (life vests) made specifically for the sport of sea kayaking with a short waist, and snug spray skirts are fitted to each paddler during the initial instruction and orientation.

For kayaking trips in Alaska and Baja Mexico, our guides carry marine radiotelephones. Kayak tours in the San Juan Islands of Washington carry these, plus they are additionally equipped with a cellular phone.

Used Sea Kayaks for Sale

We sell several of our triple, tandem and solo kayaks each year. Click this link if you are interested in buying quality used sea kayaks for sale in Washington. We can ship to locations out of state. We often sell other related camping gear such as two-person tents, Werner paddles, Snapdragon skirts, and more. Visit the page linked above, or call to inquire!