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Travel Insurance

What to Know



If you purchase travel insurance, you are purchasing peace of mind.

Travel insurance are affordable and cover not just the cost of our tours and also all of your transportation fees.

While we try our hardest to operate our tours, occasionally we run into weather related cancellations.

Travel insurance covers you in case you can't attend our tour for medical reason or delayed flight.

Ready to Purchase Travel Insurance?

Purchase Travel Insurance for Peace of Mind on Your Kayak Vacation

Because unforeseen “what ifs” occur in life, travel insurance is an essential element we always recommend to guests when planning their trips. Travel insurance offers peace of mind. Although travelers may never have thought of their vacation as an investment, that’s what it is. For most people, a vacation is their third largest purchase (behind their home and car). Most of us can’t afford to lose the non-refundable portions of a trip if something unexpected happens – and emergencies occur: kids get sick, elderly need attention, an accident… not to mention such common issues as missed flight connections, lost baggage and travel delays.

We have some specific examples of how this insurance can help you when participating on a kayak tour. Should you arrive late for your rendezvous and miss departing with the group in the kayaks, often it is impossible or prohibitively expensive to catch up and you could miss the entire adventure portion of your vacation. More rarely, one of our tours could get cancelled for reasons beyond our control, or be delayed in returning due to bad weather. And in the worst case scenario, if you got injured in a remote location and required medical evacuation, you will be protected from this enormous cost by purchasing travel insurance.

Please click here to purchase a plan from an insurer that we have used frequently. They seem to offer similar policies to other companies, but we suggest you comparison shop for best results. Be sure they provide coverage if a new pandemic quarantine or travel restrictions are imposed. This is different from the more common coverage provided for travelers who become ill before a trip.

When calculating your trip cost, be sure to include all transportation expenses (such as airfare, shuttle buses, ferries, etc.), lodging expenses (the portion not included in your Sea Quest vacation package), and various tour costs (your kayak tour plus any other additional tour activities you have planned as part of your vacation). Travel insurance can cost as little as 4% to 10% of your total trip costs depending on your age and your dependents under 21 may be included free!