Used Sea Kayaks for Sale near Seattle Washington

Used Kayaks


Our used kayak sales are suspended until summer. If you wish to be put on a contact list for boat sales contact us today!


About Our Used Kayaks

Our list of used kayaks for sale is constantly kept up-to-date. Any used kayak for sale that is advertised on this website is still available, and all the information, including price, is accurate.

We have several models of used sea kayaks for sale on San Juan Island, near Seattle, Washington. We can offer sales of used kayaks that include solo, tandem, and three-person designs. Used kayaking equipment is also available for sale.

Our used kayak models are the highest quality, best-designed sea kayaks in the world. We have field tested countless kayak designs here at Sea Quest Kayak Tours in the past 30+ years, and in our professional opinion you will not find a better balance between speed, performance, stability, durability, and quality than the models we have selected for our fleet. We don’t make compromises and cost is never an issue. If a kayak doesn’t qualify as the best in its class in the world, then we don’t use it!

All of our composite used kayaks for sale were built and designed in the United States by Northwest Kayaks, a leading manufacturer of aerospace parts and rowing shells for racers. Our poly used kayaks for sale from Wilderness Systems are also made in America. For those who may be wondering, we have no special relationships with these companies beyond occasionally being asked to rigorously field test their new designs or materials. We receive no incentives for endorsing them and consider it an honor to be selected by them to help advance the science of kayak construction and improve safety for all sea kayakers.


If you are interested in buying a used kayak in top-notch condition, you’ve found the right place. Our used kayaks for sale in Washington are ready for action! You won’t have to make any repairs or do maintenance – they are ready to launch for your next expedition. They are also beautiful in appearance with a gloss finish as nearly every boat has been used less than 12 months. Some have only been used for a couple of weeks!

Although our kayaks have been put to work in our programs, they have never been rented or used without the supervision of our guides. Our kayaks are treated with the respect they deserve as high-performance sea-going craft. They are never rammed ashore when landing, or dragged over rocky beaches. You will find that nearly all other used kayaks on the market will have severe wear on their hulls and keels caused from ramming and dragging as this is the normal practice with most outfitters.

If you’ve shopped used kayaks before, you’ve probably noticed that most have severe wear on the decks from people scraping paddles across the surface during repeated strokes. Most outfitters sell used kayaks that have wear so severe that the entire layer of colored gelcoat has been abraded away in large patches. Here at Sea Quest we’ve put in extra time and expense to prevent this by applying invisible “hurricane film” to these surfaces.


People frequently ask for photos of the boats. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to stock photos of each used kayak for sale in our fleet as they are rotated so frequently. More importantly, photos on the web, or sent via email, simply do not have the resolution or detail to properly display the condition of a kayak. Only a visual inspection will do that, so we invite you to San Juan Island to see with your own eyes how beautiful our kayaks are – you won’t be disappointed! San Juan Island is the best sea kayaking destination near Seattle, Washington. For serious out-of-state buyers who will be shipping their kayak, we can provide photos by special request.

Used Kayaks for Sale on San Juan Island near Seattle Washington Used kayaks for sale can be shipped to any US location. For fiberglass composite kayaks we recommend using a “private carrier” that specializes in transporting only kayaks, canoes, and shells. Each kayak is individually handled without the use of forklifts and is placed on its own rack instead of stacked on or below others. Private carriers are usually slower than regular trucking companies (aka “common carrier”) but the cost savings and special handling are well worth the extra time!

Private carrier shipping for kayaks is available anywhere in the US, and coastal states are served about every month or two. Centrally located states have much more infrequent delivery runs, sometimes only available in spring and summer, so patience can be essential if you don’t live in one of the coastal states. Sample delivery fees usually costs from $500 (Southern California) to $1000 (New York) for tandems/triples, less for solo kayaks.

Common carriers are typically much faster, easier to schedule, and cost about the same. Plastic/poly kayaks are best suited for this mode as they are more forgiving of handling by people less familiar with kayaks. However, composite kayaks have been successfully transported by common carrier, too.

Prices, colors, detailed descriptions, specifications, advice, and other information on our used sea kayaks for sale is available by clicking on the links below as each model has an individual web page. If you have questions that are not answered on those pages, please send us an email from our Contact page.


If you would like prices, colors, descriptions, specs, opinions, and detailed information on any of our used sea kayaks for sale, please click on the links above to view each models’ unique web page. If you have any questions that aren’t answered on the detailed pages, please send us an email from our Contact page. Some folks like to test paddle a kayak and acquire some initial training before purchasing a used sea kayak by participating on a guided kayak tour near Seattle.