Discover Solo Touring Kayak by Northwest Kayaks


Please Note:

Our used kayak sales are suspended until summer. If you wish to be put on a contact list for boat sales contact us today!

We sold out of Discover solo touring kayaks last year. We may have more for sale in 2024. You can take take a look at our other used solo kayaks!

Our used Discover kayaks for sale are upgraded from the standard version. Ours are built with maintenance-free fiberglass bulkheads for the most strength, durability, and peace of mind. The standard backrest has been replaced by a custom back-band for greater control and comfort. The standard cockpit rim has been replaced with a custom rim with thigh hooks for improved control in difficult kayaking conditions. All of these customizations were chosen to improve their already high standard of safety, seaworthiness, and comfort.

The Discover was inspired by designs originally created by Greenland Inuit paddlers. True to the native form, the Discover is very slender, sleek, and low profiled. It shares the same design philosophy and uses the same super solid construction materials and techniques common to all Northwest Kayaks.

The Discover by Northwest Kayaks is possibly the fastest kayak in its class. The long waterline and narrow beam make the Discover very speedy and attractive to racers and long-distance paddlers seeking to conserve energy. The narrow beam reduces the initial stability in flat water but makes it more resistant to tipping when powerful waves sweep past and beneath its hull. This outstanding secondary stability makes Discover excel when you inevitably encounter rough waters.

All Northwest Kayaks track extremely well yet are capable of carving very sharp turns when tilted like skis. Other features include a modified-V hull, soft chines, and a retractable rudder with locking foot braces. We seldom need to use the rudder except in winds that exceed 15 knots. The perimeter safety lines are invaluable in any sort of rescue operation.