What to Know

What to Know

Where to Locate More Information for Planning your Kayaking Vacation

Kayak Tour Dates and Prices
A complete schedule of every kayak tour with links to the kayak trip itineraries!

Make your Kayak Tour Reservation
Once you’ve decided on the kayak vacation package that’s best for you, click any of the book now buttons of the site to checkout. If you have specific questions before booking or would like to book a custom date, please give our office a call.

Give a Gift Certificate for a Kayak Tour or Vacation!
Tired of giving someone cologne or a new tie? Why not give them a kayaking adventure?

Travel Insurance for Your Kayak Vacation
Travel insurance offers peace of mind and is an essential element we always recommend to clients when planning their kayak vacations.

Sea Kayaking at Sunrise - Kayak Tours for Families & Seniors

Travel and Accommodation Information for the San Juan Islands
Here is where you can learn all about the different travel options to San Juan Island to join us for a kayak tour in Washington.

Travel and Accommodation Information for Baja Mexico
Here is where you can learn all about the different travel options to Loreto, Mexico to join us for a kayak trip in Baja California.

Whale Watching and Wildlife Information for our Kayak Tour Destinations
Here’s where to go for some information on whale watching opportunities and wildlife to be expected on our kayak tours and adventures.

Baleen Whales of the San Juan Islands
Washington’s San Juan Islands are home to several baleen whales, including humpback whales, gray whales, and minke whales.

Our Historical Color Brochure
Download the brochure by clicking the link above (1.3Mb pdf file). This is mainly a pictorial brochure filled with stunning photographs. Note that prices are not up to date. If you are looking for detailed kayak trip information, please refer to this website instead.

The Salish Sea, is now an officially recognized geographic region!
Our home waters of the Salish Sea, where the sport of kayak touring was born, has been officially named for the native Americans who originally paddled and fished its waters. Here is the history and controversy over the issue.

The Coast Salish People of the Pacific Northwest
Learn about the original inhabitants of the Salish Sea and the first people to kayak with the orca whales!

How to Avoid Shellfish Poisoning on Kayaking Adventure Tours
Our experienced professional guides will keep you safe from health hazards like toxic shellfish poisoning, but if you venture out on your own kayaking adventure you’d better read this!

How to Avoid Hypothermia while Sea Kayaking
Follow these suggestions to stay toasty and dry while enjoying your kayak tour and learn more about the signs and treatment of hypothermia.

Kayaking Glossary & Dictionary of Kayak Terms
Learn the salty language of kayakers and other nautical folk.

Sea Stars in the San Juan Islands – Predatory Jewels of the Intertidal Zone
The colorful beauty of sea stars belies their true nature as the top tidepool predator.

Kayaking in the Kelp Forests of the San Juan Islands
Learn about the lush bull kelp forests that can grow to 200 feet and grow 8 inches per day during long spring days.

I loved the sea kayaks! They were so stable and beautiful. They were quite comfortable even though I am not very tall. The guide was wonderful, intelligent, humorous, and full of information. His meals were delicious and full of tender care. ‘Relax’ seemed to be the key word. I felt pampered and waited on the entire time. It was a five-day long high! Every second was magical. Every sunrise – every moonrise. The best, most spiritual experience of my entire life. It truly changed my perspective on living. I came home a different person!

Joanne Derby, San Francisco, CA