Baja Mexico Travel Tips

Baja Mexico Sea Kayaking

Traveling to Baja- Sea Kayaking Tours from Mexico’s Baja Peninsula

All of our Baja kayaking tours begin from either Loreto, Mexico or La Paz, Mexico. For detailed information on these two lovely travel destinations, please read their separate travel webpages by clicking these links:

You will find specific information on those pages regarding flights, accommodations, and local attractions. This page contains general travel information for all of our Mexico kayak trips on the Baja Peninsula.

Travel Advice for Sea Kayaking in Baja

Air Flights – Most people find it easy to book directly with their airline. The best and most reliable company for accessing Baja and the west coast of Mexico is Alaska Airlines. If you would like advice for booking your travel reservations we suggest you speak with a travel agent that has personal knowledge of the region. We recommend you speak with Bob (415.819.5665) and Jessica Entwisle (925.286.0811) as both are licensed travel agents that provide complimentary services to our guests.

We strongly urge you to contact the airlines, or speak with Bob or Jesscia, as soon as possible. Seats can be very difficult to obtain at times, particularly during the “spring break” period in March. There are relatively few flights and they can fill fast. The further in advance your ticket is purchased, the cheaper it is!

Important ! Please remember:

  • The winter/spring travel season creates high demand for flights into Loreto and La Paz so it is very important to make reservations as early as possible to get the dates you need. Early birds usually get the best fare prices, too! We have seen ticket prices double as flight times approach.
  • For both of your outbound and inbound itineraries, be sure to schedule plenty of time between your international and domestic flights – we recommend 2 or 3 hours. This greatly reduces the chances of lost baggage, and on your homeward trip it provides just enough time to clear immigration, customs, and security before boarding your domestic flight.
  • If flying on an airline other than Alaska Airlines, we strongly recommend personally checking your baggage with your international airline carrier two hours or more before flight time! This greatly reduces the chances of lost luggage or of losing a seat due to over-booking. Be sure to allow sufficient time to transfer your luggage yourself.
  •  These airlines frequently change their routes, schedules, and available seats to the Baja Peninsula of Mexico so you should keep checking regularly until you find what you need. And, after booking, check back once in a while to see if they have changed your flight times!
  • Call a travel or airline agent if you need assistance.

Documents for Travel to Baja Mexico

Passports are required for travel vacations to Mexico. A Mexican tourist card will be issued during your flight and you must keep the stub and surrender it upon departure.

Credit cards are not widely accepted, and when they are used expect a 5% surcharge. La Paz is a small city so cash machines are not rare. But there is only one cash machine in Loreto and it does not always have money! The single bank in Loreto seldom exchanges currency and when it does the process is extremely time-consuming. Therefore, we strongly urge you to bring sufficient traveler’s checks and US currency in small denominations for your entire stay in Loreto. (Anything larger than $20 may be hard to cash!) It is not necessary to arrive with Mexican pesos in hand; US funds are readily accepted in Baja. If you desire, pesos can be purchased at local stores and shops. Prices for goods in Baja California are on par with those found in the US. Money and documents should always be carried with you – be sure they are kept dry during your sea kayaking trip.

Hotels in Baja’s Sea Kayaking Towns

Hotel accommodations are not included with the Loreto or La Paz kayaking trips. Please visit the Loreto and La Paz travel pages for additional hotel information specific to these Baja sea kayaking destinations.

Travel Health in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula

Sanitary water and food will be provided during the sea kayak tour. When traveling on your own, be aware of the risk of diarrhea, the main health problem for visitors to Mexico (although most Baja travelers report far less of this problem compared to the mainland). Avoid eating greasy foods and unwashed fruits or vegetables, do not overindulge in food or drink, and patronize reputable restaurants. Although public water is treated, we recommend avoiding tap water during your vacation. While sea kayaking in Baja under our care, we will provide you with purified water.