Why choose Sea Quest for your SUP rental on San Juan Island?


Top Quality Stand Up Paddle Boards.

New fleet of fully equipped SUP boards.

No hauling required! We can deliver SUP(s) & gear!

Safety tracking GPS with flip detection.

Best region on San Juan Island for SUPing.

Convenient SUP launch location.

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Stand up Paddle Board Rentals Friday Harbor

Inexperienced paddlers can now rent stand-up paddle boards from the leading kayak tour provider in Washington state.

Anyone with reasonable coordination and balance can learn to stand up paddle board in mere minutes. Paddleboarding has low barriers to entry as it does not require much-specialized equipment or experience. All you need is an adventurous spirit, a paddle, a PFD, and a board.

Our state-of-the-art paddle boards offer a great blend of stability and speed, making them a great option for everyone to use. If you lack the proper balance necessary to stand on a paddle board, you may also sit or kneel on the board.

What is a Paddle Board?

Stand Up Paddle Boards or “SUPs” are wide buoyant surfboards intended to be paddled in relatively calm, protected waters.

Using a paddle board requires a mixture of balance, coordination, and core strength.

Many consider SUPing to be a great workout in addition to being an enjoyable and engaging recreational activity.

SUP Classes

If you are nervous about trying out SUPing for the first time, you might consider trying out a lesson with one of our SUP instructors. The lessons are for 1 hour and cost $99 per person. Lessons are only sold in combination with a 3-hour SUP rental.

Sea Quest offers high-performance SUP boards in Friday Harbor. Call our office to discuss details about our particular board styles! Also check out our kayak trips in Washington’s San Juan Islands!

SUP Rental Prices

1hr instruction course – $99/person

3hr rental – $89/person

6hr rental – $99/person

Extra fee’s apply if you cannot provide you own transportation!



1 to 6 Hours

Group Size

All Group Sizes

Age Range

All Ages

Activity Level

Beginner Friendly

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San Juan Islands, WA

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We provide the following:

  • SUPs, all related SUP gear, safety equipment, transportation to and from Friday Harbor and the launch beach if desired.
  • Chart – map of safe paddling zones.
  • GPS unit which alerts you if you are to far from land.
  • Emergency signal streamer.

What you need to bring:

Beach clothing, beach foot wear, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and lunch. Bring a hat, warm sweater and rain jacket if cool, cloudy, windy or rainy.

No prior experience is required. Our beginner rental routes are set so that the paddling environment is safe and enjoyable.


Beginner kayak rental map of Griffin bay

The areas within the green outlined polygon are designated as safe zones for stand up paddle board rentals. Renter(s) is not allowed to leave these areas while using stand up paddle boards or related equipment.


Be aware that whales, winds or currents can occasionally delay our other rentals/tours so we may not always instantly available for shuttles! But we try are hardest to be responsive and to communicate effectively in regards to our logistical/shuttle coordination.