San Juan Islands Kayaking: Orca Whale Watching in Washington

San Juan Sea Kayaking

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Best prices for San Juan Islands kayak tours in whale waters.

Best kayak routes for orca whale watching in all of America!

Visit special locations, including a National Monument, National Historical Park, National Wildlife Refuge, & State & County Parks.

Easily accessible from Seattle: Kayak conveniently

Kayak along stunning sea cliffs & lighthouses in the wilder western San Juan Islands.

Camp on small, remote islands with many eagles, otters & seals.

Best sea kayaking equipment and newest paddling gear in the San Juan Islands.

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Kayak Tours in the San Juan Islands

The beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington state are the most popular summer kayaking tour destination in the world. The San Juan Islands lie within the fertile waters of Puget Sound and straddle the Washington-Canada border. The rural archipelago’s many islands, rocks, and reefs create a vast network of twisting shorelines that are ideal for sea kayaking tours. Our rendezvous location in Friday Harbor is easily accessed from Seattle and nearby cities.

San Juan Island kayaking vacations are seldom perturbed by rainy weather. It is common to go 3-4 weeks or longer without rain during summer months. Our “banana belt” micro-climate is a result of the “rainshadow” cast by the Olympic Mountains. It is possible to see towering 200-foot fir trees and small cactus plants growing side-by-side on islands that are home to both rainforest and desert plants.

My San Juan Islands kayaking vacation was indescribably phenomenal! We were surrounded by two pods of orca whales. Because of this incredible experience, I would rate the kayaking trip as superb, and I look forward to my next kayaking adventure. The equipment’s quality made the sea kayak tour even more enjoyable. Thank you so much for one of the greatest vacations of my life!

Laura Liedtke, Beaverton, OR

San Juan Islands kayaking trips offer the chance to witness abundant marine wildlife – often at close range. There are tidepools full of fascinating creatures, more than a hundred bald eagle nests, thousands of harbor seals, and millions of migrating salmon – a real wildlife safari in the San Juan Islands!

San Juan Island Kayaking Trips in the Prime Orca Whale Waters

The most dramatic residents of the San Juan Islands are orca whales (also known as killer whales). Pods with up to fifty family members live here and sightings of these intelligent orca whales occurred on more than half of our San Juan Islands kayak tours through 2018. Our sea kayaking trips in the San Juan Islands are designed to visit the killer whales favorite feeding, traveling, and play areas. Sea Quest whale-watching kayak tours maximize your chances for an encounter with these awesome orcas! Keep in mind that killer whale sightings have been fluctuating dramatically in recent years and orca whale watching may not be as productive as we hope in the future.

Orca in San Juan Islands

Our sea kayaking trips are led by the most professional and intensively trained guides in the San Juan Islands. We are the top San Juan outfitter when it comes to the preparation of our kayak guides and making your sea kayak tour the safest experience possible. Sea Quest believes that the best kayak guides are knowledgeable biologists and environmental scientists. We call our San Juan Islands kayak trips “adventures in learning”!

Our groups average six to eight participants, with a maximum of twelve, thereby ensuring intimacy and a personal touch. Our campsites are selected to show off the finest qualities of the islands. Our campsites are accessible only by boat or seaplane, unlike those used by many other San Juan outfitters. Unlike many other San Juan outfitters, we avoid campsites accessible to cars except on special trip dates as noted in our reservation system.

Hopefully, Sea Quest Kayak Tours will be a part of your kayak vacation plans and I look forward to serving you in the future. Please call me if you have any questions. Remember, our kayak tours and local accommodations fill fast so reserve now to avoid disappointment!


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