Video & Photo Gallery: San Juan Islands Kayaking with Sea Quest Kayak Tours

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Welcome to our San Juan Islands kayaking video collection and photo gallery! Here we feature exciting videos and pictures taken during sea kayaking tours in the San Juan Islands of Washington state.

Paddling Along Orca Highway

Watch a 1-minute video of a Sea Quest Kayak Tour paddling along the “Orca Highway” in the San Juan Islands. Our expert kayak guide spotted a pod of killer whales and rafted all the kayaks together to be courteous to the orcas. The whales decided to make a close inspection of the kayakers and came within a kayak length on the first pass. The wide-angle lens makes the killer whales seem much further away. You can see our guide pointing down at an orca whale only a paddle length away but just below the surface.

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Kayaking with Killer Whales in the Orca Sanctuary

Watch a 4-minute video on Kayaking with Killer Whales in the Orca Sanctuary of San Juan Island, Washington. This kayaking video was made for National Geographic and features some great scenes of kayaking with orcas, along with a brief overview of our kayak tours in the San Juan Islands and an interview with our Expedition Director, Martine Springer.

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Kayaking with Orcas (ABC News)

View a 3-minute video on Kayaking with Orca Whales in the Killer Whale Sanctuary of San Juan Island, Washington. This orca whale watching video was shown on ABC News and showcases our resident orca whales during a San Juan Islands kayak tour. Our two kayak tour managers are interviewed.

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Share Photos & Videos From Your San Juan Islands Kayaking Trip!

San Juan Islands Kayaking Photo Gallery

Share your Kayaking Photos from the San Juan Islands

Please share your favorite San Juan Islands kayaking photos with the world. Many guests of Sea Quest Kayak Tours have contributed awesome photographs taken during their kayaking vacations and we will  display them with credits. Contact us today or go to Sea Quest’s Facebook page if you have some great San Juan Islands kayaking videos and photos that you would like to share!

As we add images and photos to the San Juan Islands gallery, we will be creating new pages for each photographic topic. Send us your kayaking pics, animal photos, and scenic photographs from the San Juan Islands to be included!

Kayaking Videos from the San Juan Islands on YouTube

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