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Join us for a vacation of a lifetime: sea kayaking in Alaska among the icebergs and whales. Sea kayaking Alaska ranks among the world’s best wilderness and wildlife adventures. Alaska is vast, rugged, and possesses astounding beauty. Alaska is truly one of the last great wild places left on our planet.

When deciding on our Alaska kayak tour routes, we looked for outstanding natural features, such as tidewater glaciers, remote wilderness islands, and stunning mountain views. After long and careful research, we decided upon these superb Alaska kayaking trip itineraries. We believe that they represent the absolute best Alaska kayak trips available!

“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I’ve recommended Sea Quest’s Alaska kayak tours to everyone. I was very impressed with how well organized the trip was. I learned a lot and had a great time doing it. Both guides were loads of fun – which made the trip! They made it look effortless but I know they were always working.”

Jill Aikman, Seattle, WA

Sea Kayaking Alaska & Whale Watching Tours

Our Alaska kayaking tour routes were chosen for their superior whale watching success. Humpback whales converge by the hundreds in Frederick Sound during summer months and one of our Alaska kayak tours makes camp on its isolated shore. Orca whales also occur in large numbers in southeast Alaska. The humpback whale and killer whale are the most acrobatic and socially complicated species in the world. Our Alaska whale watching trips have been very successful over the years.

All of our Alaska kayaking trips give you the opportunity to see abundant marine wildlife at close range. Other marine mammals we consistently see while kayaking in Alaska include, Dall’s porpoises, harbor porpoises, harbor seals, and threatened Steller’s sea lions. Sea otters gather at favorite kelp forests on one the kayak routes, and gaze endearingly at passing paddlers. Overhead, bald eagles perch on nearly every prominence as they patiently await migrating salmon. Many other marine birds gather to nest in noisy rookeries.

Going ashore, you will see tide pools teeming with fascinating creatures, and watch as they appear and disappear in the wake of enormous fourteen foot tides. Any stream will be chock full of salmon and char and if you arrive during a spawning run you will witness one of nature’s most amazing spectacles.

Upland explorations will reveal numerous game trails, and maybe even the tracks of bears and wolves. Within the ancient Tongass rainforest all sounds seem to be swallowed by the dense foliage and hanging mosses – its as if you’ve entered a towering emerald cathedral. Here survives the largest temperate rainforest in the world.

Our Alaska kayak tours are staffed by experienced guides and naturalists. We limit group size to ten participants, thereby ensuring an intimate trip and a close-up view of Alaska’s wonders. Hopefully, we can be a part of your Alaska adventure vacation plans. Please call if you have any questions.

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Ben Henkel

Operator and Owner – Sea Quest Kayak Tours

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