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Sea Kayaking Gift Cards: Kayak Tours, Trips & Vacations

Are you looking for a unique gift for someone you care about? Do you know someone with an upcoming birthday, anniversary, graduation, or wedding? Why not give the gift of adventure and the opportunity to enjoy life to its fullest?

Sea Quest offers Gift Cards for both sea kayak tours and bird-watching trips in the San Juan Islands of Washington. A Gift Card is the perfect gift for making a big impression. The lucky recipient will talk about their experience with us for the rest of their lives. Talk about an unforgettable present!

Gift Cards for Kayak Trips & Birding Tours

No previous kayaking or birding experience is necessary. Whoever receives the gift card from you can schedule their own tour, or you can select a trip date for them in advance. For more detailed information on our different kayak tours and bird watching trips to choose from, you can use the links on the left to visit the appropriate pages of our website.

We Recommend our Gift Cards for:

  • Outdoor Enthusiasts, Canoeists, Hikers, Bicyclists
  • Naturalists, Birders, and Whale-watchers
  • Friends, Family and Business Colleagues
  • High School and College Graduates
  • Newlyweds and Anniversary Celebrators

Call us today and we’ll help you give that special gift of fun and adventure!

You can purchase a gift card online in just a few minutes with your credit card. Ordering a gift card is done by using our Online Reservations. Please note: the system sets the date automatically to December 31st but the recipient of your fantastic gift can call us later to choose their own specific date. It’s best to enter the actual recipients name and contact information when you purchase it. Our gift cards are non-refundable but never expire. They are transferable to another person within the first year of issuance only and the purchaser must contact us to make the transfer official.

We’ll email the gift card code number to your recipient, or if you prefer presenting it yourself in a more ceremonial way, use our contact form to indicate this and we will email it to you instead. Later, ask your recipient to review our trip schedule to choose their date. All reservations are subject to available space so the holder of your gift card should call early to reserve.

Sea Kayaking Gift Cards: Give the Gift of Adventure

The kayak trip was absolutely fantastic – for all four of us. The biggest reason for success was the professional service your guides provided. Their positive, energetic attitude influenced the whole group, and we were having fun every moment. The up-close sighting of two orca pods was the highlight of the kayak tour, but that only happened because of the guides excellent planning and execution. The food was great of course! We can confidently recommend Sea Quest to all our friends because we know they’ll have fun. Hopefully we’ll see you again soon.

Ann Berner, Seattle WA