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Esperanto by Boreal Designs


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Our used kayak sales are suspended until summer. If you wish to be put on a contact list for boat sales contact us today!

The Boreal Designs Esperanto is the best plastic tandem kayak in the world. After comprehensive testing, the Boreal Designs Esperanto beat all the competition in our exhaustive search for the top performing polyethylene tandem kayak. Within this kayak category, the Esperanto scored highest for speed, maneuverability, and stability. Much of their outstanding performance can be attributed to being the longest of all plastic tandems made. It is very difficult to make a plastic kayak this long, especially one that sports fine lines and the proper length to width ratio.

The Esperanto is a great introductory tandem for people looking to get into the sport of kayaking without spending a lot of money. Polyethylene kayaks are much less expensive than composite fiberglass kayaks and can absorb more more abuse. You can confidently land on rocky or wave-beaten shores with this rotomolded kayak and it will easily survive falling off your roof rack while driving! Their ruggedness is amazing and many budget outfitters use them for their guided tours. Here at Sea Quest we use Esperantos in our rental fleet as we prefer the much more expensive Seascape Expedition for our premium guided kayak tours.

The plastic Esperanto retails for over 50% of our used price. You can buy a used Esperanto tandem kayak for about half the cost of composite fiberglass kayaks. Our polyethylene tandem kayaks have received only 6 months of use so they should last a lifetime in private hands. They are available in either swirly blue or yellow.

The Boreal Designs Esperanto double kayak features a big carrying capacity and a versatile hull design. The Esperanto works hard on both camping trips with heavy loads or day paddling excursions. The hull features a rounded keel with very soft chines to resist destabilizing waves. The keel is highly rockered so that it can turn quickly in tight spaces or restricted waterways. You will find the Esperanto two-person kayak to be well-behaved on Class 2 rivers, lakes, coastal regions, and oceanic waters.

Used Plastic Tandem Kayaks for Sale on San Juan Island, Washington – Near Seattle

The Esperanto is outfitted with two bulkheaded watertight compartments in the bow and stern. A third bulkhead separates the two cockpits for added safety. Three hatches provide access to all sections for easy loading.

Boasting the most comfortable kayak seats ever made, the Esperanto has high-back seats that allow you to adjust recline, back height, and thigh support easily. The cockpit features molded thigh braces for extra stability and control in rough water.

The Esperanto tandem kayak is equipped with a flip-up rudder controlled by sliding foot pedals in the rear cockpit. Combined with the rocker hull, it turns easily and quickly when needed.

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