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Tsunami 175 by Wilderness Systems


Please Note:

Our used kayak sales are suspended until summer. If you wish to be put on a contact list for boat sales contact us today!

We have 3 Tsunami 175 kayaks for sale. The price for each is $1799 and we have one in solid red and the others are an orange and red swirl called “mango”. Unfortunately, the full-length Tsunami 175 has been discontinued and will only be available in a much shorter version for 2022. We do not consider the short model to be a safe choice in our local Salish Sea waters so our current stock of Tsunami 175s will be our last Tsunamis forever!

The Tsunami 175 has a more traditional hull equipped with a rudder. These kayaks are much more forgiving for beginners and casual kayakers. They are much roomier than the Tempest series, feature a larger cockpit opening, and can accommodate larger paddlers more comfortably. The seat is of the same outstanding quality as others produced by Wilderness Systems. The Tsunami 175 can pack much more gear than the Tempests, and our guides always choose them for their multi-day tours.

The poly Tsunami 175s are equally rugged and made from the same high-density, rigid polyethylene plastic. Like all poly kayaks, they are a few pounds heavier than fiberglass kayaks of a similar size. You can crash land in the surf onto rocky shores or accidentally drop your Tsunami from your roof rack without damaging it beyond a few shallow scratches.

Tsunamis have incredibly comfortable ultra-advanced seats. Their patented seats, like the Tempests, are without question the best in the world! They have more adjustment points than any other kayak seat, and nearly all can be changed while still paddling. The seat results in the best balance and control in rough water and makes it easier to brace and roll. Tsunamis are comfortable to sit in for long hours and are easier on your back, hips, and knees.

If you wish to take off for a week you should choose the Tsunami 175. Tsunamis can handle open ocean, outer coast, calm inland lakes, and Class 2 rivers.

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