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Why Choose Sea Quest

Our 35 Year Company Legacy

Sea Quest Kayak Tours has been a leading provider of kayak tours in the San Juan Islands since 1988. Founder Mark Lewis, an adventurer and educator, created Sea Quest to share his passion for guided kayak tours in the San Juan Archipelago and reveal the wonders of the Salish Sea to his guests. He pioneered the industry and built a community of nature lovers, guides, locals, and clients who celebrate the beauty of our unique area.

Under Mark’s guidance, Sea Quest became a trusted provider of customer experiences and lasting memories. After five seasons of guiding and operations management, Ben Henkel took over the business venture. With his youthful enthusiasm and profound focus on naturalism, client experience, conservation awareness, and safety emphasis, Ben brings vast experience and local knowledge of the Salish Sea to Sea Quest Kayak Tours.

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Sea Quest loves interacting with people from all over the world and introducing them to the waters, nature, and beauty of the San Juan’s with intent and enthusiasm. If you’re seeking an unforgettable adventure, Sea Quest Kayak Tours would be thrilled to take you on a journey you’ll never forget.

Our Company Values

Our goal at Sea Quest Kayak Tours is simple – we want to provide you with the best sea kayaking tour of your life. Join us for an adventure that offers a perfect mix of energized fun and serene relaxation. Our guides are skilled at crafting custom learning experiences that will enhance your appreciation of our natural environment.

Our kayak tours are designed to be educational and informative, with a focus on providing a personalized experience that suits your interests and skill level. We believe that learning about the world around us is an essential part of any sea kayaking tour, and we are committed to providing a unique adventure that will leave you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Salish Sea.

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Our experienced guides are not only expert kayakers but also passionate educators who will share their knowledge and enthusiasm with you. They are trained to ensure your safety, while also providing a fun and educational experience that will enhance your understanding of the natural world.

At Sea Quest Kayak Tours, we are committed to providing you with an unforgettable adventure. Book your tour today and let us show you the beauty of the San Juan Islands, while also expanding your knowledge and appreciation of the natural environment.

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We Love our Work as Kayaking Tour Guides & Educators!

Our friendly crew of sea kayak guides loves kayaking, coastlines and the animals who live there. This pursuit has led us to explore the wildest places from Alaska to Baja and beyond in our sea kayaks. Our greatest satisfaction comes from introducing other people to our favorite places and natural environments. We have committed our lives to providing educational and recreational experiences to anyone who will join us in the adventure. Thanks to a lot of practice and hard work, we are now experts at introducing inexperienced travelers to the joys of sea kayaking.

Your Kayak Tour Guides & Leaders

A great leader is the key to your kayak tour’s success. Sea Quest guides are chosen not only for their extensive experience in outdoor education, but also for their wide-ranging knowledge of natural history.

Each kayak trip features guides with academic qualifications and extensive kayak safety training. Sea Quest tour leaders are committed to provide you with the best experience possible – you will find them knowledgeable, enthusiastic, reliable, and above all, fun! Click here for more info on our sea kayak guides.