Prepare for Your Baja California Kayaking Tour from Loreto, Mexico

Baja Mexico Sea Kayaking

Preparing for Sea Kayak Trips in Baja Mexico

We want to simplify your planning for a Baja kayaking tour as much as possible. Sea Quest will ensure your pre-trip preparations goes effortlessly.

Pre-Trip Information for Baja Kayaking

We supply a detailed pre-trip information package that covers all aspects of how to prepare and plan, including a checklist of what to bring on your Baja kayaking tour, a recommended reading list, and other helpful information.

Clothing Recommendations for Baja Kayak Tours

Keep in mind that we send you a thorough checklist when you reserve your Baja kayak tour. Dress appropriately for warm weather, with an emphasis on protection from sun with light quick drying fabrics. Baja weather can experience some brief chilly periods and nights in the desert always cool off quickly so sweaters and warm clothes are needed, too. Rarely does it ever rain, but a rain coat or poncho should always be carried and may be very useful as a windbreaker.

Footwear Recommendations for Mexico Kayaking Trips

Be prepared to get your feet wet! Sandals with secure heel straps or aqua socks are usually the best choice on the beach and in the kayaks. Sturdy hiking shoes for shore use will protect your feet from cactus thorns.

Packing for Your Baja Kayak Tour

This is easier than you might think! We’ve taken all the guesswork out by supplying you with a detailed checklist of every item you should bring on the sea kayaking tour. Specific recommendations are made for clothing and footgear, right down to the type of fabrics that should be worn.

It is important to pack anything you aren’t wearing in watertight bags. Your Baja kayak guides will have dry bags and will distribute them at the pre-trip meeting at the hotel.

Bring your sleeping bag and pad, but if you don’t want to travel to Mexico with your own we have a few available to rent. Our checklist provides the size limits for stowage in the kayaks so that you can test pack your camping gear before the trip to avoid any surprises that first morning on the beach. Most people are amazed at how roomy the kayaks are and how many luxuries they can take along!

If you have extra luggage you don’t want to carry in the kayaks you should leave it at the hotel’s storage room.

Physical Conditioning

Although our Baja kayaking vacations are not extremely arduous, they do involve moderate exercise. Stamina is much more important than brute strength! We recommend conditioning muscle groups of the upper body by doing light exercise (calisthenics, rowing, swimming, etc.) for two full weeks prior to your Baja kayak tour. Regardless of your age or skills, you will find that our Mexico kayak trips offer enough flexibility to make your experience with us safe and enjoyable.

Travel & Accommodations in Baja’s Loreto, Mexico

Our web page Travel to Baja Mexico provides complete information for travel to Loreto, Mexico, our meeting location for all Baja kayaking trips. You will find the travel tips very useful. Be sure to make your reservations early!

E-mail or call us if you have any questions about how to prepare and plan for a kayak trip in Baja Mexico. Don’t forget to refer to our Travel to Baja Mexico web page as we’ve anticipated just about every travel question you might have and provided the answers where they are available to you at any hour, even when our office is closed!