Tempest 180 Pro Touring Kayak by Wilderness Systems


Please Note:

Our used kayak sales are suspended until summer. If you wish to be put on a contact list for boat sales contact us today!

We have no Tempest 180 Pro solo touring kayak for sale at this time. The Tempest 180 Pro was discontinued several years ago when Wilderness stopped producing all composite kayaks and focused on the smaller poly Tempest 170 and 165. The Pro versions have since become hard to find as most owners keep them for life. Our guides were very sad to see the last one go! We have lots of other solo kayaks for sale so please explore our used solo kayak options.

The Tempest 180 Pro design is also based on the Greenland Inuit school of kayaking. Compared to the Discover, it is an inch wider, has a skeg instead of a rudder, and is equipped with the most advanced seat in the world. The patented seat virtually bonds your body to the kayak resulting in the best balance and control you will ever experience in rough water or when doing advanced techniques such as rolling and bracing. Even if you stick to easy paddling conditions, you will love paddling a kayak that features the most comfortable and hyper-adjustable seat ever made. It has two to three times as many adjustment points as any other kayak seat, and nearly all can be changed nearly instantly while still paddling!

The Tempest 180 is rudderless but equipped with an adjustable skeg to improve tracking in windy conditions. Most professional or advanced kayakers prefer skegs over rudders for a variety of reasons. The extra inch of width gives the 180 Pro a touch more initial stability than the Discover. Paddlers who do a lot of fishing, photography, or bird-watching with binoculars appreciate this. Other features and qualities are nearly the same as those found on our Discover kayaks. We also carry shorter Tempest models made from poly that are shown on our used poly solo kayaks for sale page.