Orcas Swim Under Kayaks with Sea Quest Kayak Tours

Picture yourself paddling serenely through the pristine waters of the San Juan Islands with Sea Quest Kayak Tours. Suddenly, not one, but two orcas emerge from the depths and glide gracefully beneath your kayak. Join us as we relive the astonishing moment when a group of adventurers encountered this remarkable spectacle, as recounted by guide Scott Erikson.

A Remarkable Double Encounter

In the tranquil waters of the San Juan Islands, encounters with orcas are already extraordinary. But imagine the sheer surprise and awe when not one, but two of these magnificent creatures decide to swim under your kayak. Such was the remarkable experience had by a group of kayakers on a Sea Quest Kayak Tour, where the unexpected appearance of two orcas left everyone speechless with wonder.

Scott Erikson's Tale: The Unforgettable Surprise

Recalling the astonishing moment, Scott Erikson, a seasoned guide with Sea Quest Kayak Tours, shares, “It was a typical morning as we set out on our kayak tour, admiring the beauty of the San Juan Islands. Suddenly, we spotted two dorsal fins cutting through the water, and before we knew it, two orcas were swimming directly beneath our kayaks.”

Awe-Struck Reactions

“The group was utterly surprised,” Scott continues, his excitement evident. “There was a collective gasp as the orcas glided beneath us, their sleek bodies rocketing through the water. It was a moment of pure magic as we watched in awe, scarcely daring to breathe, as the two majestic creatures passed mere inches beneath our kayaks.”

The Unpredictable Wonder of Nature

Such encounters underscore the unpredictable wonder of nature in the San Juan Islands. No matter how many times one ventures out on the water, there’s always the potential for breathtaking surprises. For this group of kayakers, the unexpected visit from two orcas left an indelible mark, reminding them of the profound connection between humans and the natural world.

Scott's Reflections on the Experience

Reflecting on the encounter, Scott offers insights into the group’s emotions. “The sheer surprise and joy on their faces were unforgettable,” he says. “Moments like these remind us of the importance of preserving and protecting these incredible creatures and their habitats for future generations to enjoy.”


In conclusion, the tale of two orcas swimming under kayaks with Sea Quest Kayak Tours is a testament to the awe-inspiring experiences awaiting adventurers in the San Juan Islands. With each paddle stroke, there’s the potential for unexpected encounters with marine life, reminding us of the profound beauty and unpredictability of nature. Join us on a Sea Quest Kayak Tour and immerse yourself in the wonder of the San Juan Islands. Who knows? You might just find yourself face to face with two majestic whales, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Contact us today to book a kayak tour in the orca whale waters!

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