New San Juan Islands Kayaking Maps Showing Killer Whale Watching Zone

At long last we have published our new San Juan Islands kayaking tour route and orca whale watching maps. Each San Juan Islands kayak trip, ranging from half-day to 5-days, has a separate map that shows both the kayaking route and the most important killer watching zone in the entire Salish Sea. You can download the maps and once they are in your computer you can zoom, print or save them! Here is a sample map that shows our 2-day San Juan Islands kayak tour route.

The green shaded portion of the kayak route maps is the primary orca whale watching area. This is where over 95% of all killer whale sightings in Washington take place. The orcas are occasionally seen in other areas of Puget Sound, but very inconsistently and usually less than once per month. So if one of your goals is to watch killer whales on your San Juan Islands kayaking tour, you definitely want to make sure you join a kayak trip like the ones we have designed here at Sea Quest.

Click the “Maps” tab at the top of any San Juan Island page in our website to see the complete array of new kayak route maps for Washington. You can also see the specific maps for each kayak tour on that trip’s unique itinerary page, also by clicking on the blue tabs.

Join a Kayak Tour for Killer Whale Watching – San Juan Islands, Washington near Seattle

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