Bird-Watching Tours in Washington State

Birding Tours in Washington

Washington state is famous for its spectacular scenery and wonderful bird watching tour opportunities. The variety of bird habitats, from ocean coast and inland waterways to mountain peaks, and from rainforests to deserts, can be astounding. Washington birding trips can be very rewarding as many bird species are found here in greater numbers than any place else on the continent, including several that are rare and endangered. From Bald Eagles to Hutton’s Vireos, Laysan Albatross to Hermit Warblers, Spotted Owls to Marbled Murrelets: one can begin a love affair with bird-watching in Washington.

“My wife and I had a wonderful experience. We observed several bald eagles, nesting peregrine falcons, porpoises, seals, and a pod of orca whales as the finale. What really made the trip memorable was seeing so many diverse species in their natural habitat and learning more about them from our exceptionally knowledgeable guide, Mark Lewis. The information we received on the geology, flora and fauna of the area, and the history of the islands themselves surpassed anything I have yet read in any guidebook or other publication on the topic. My most sincere thanks for an experience we will always remember.” 

Daniel Bartholomew, North Bend, WA

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Join the author of “Birding in the San Juan Islands” for bird watching tours in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, the Olympic Peninsula, Puget Sound, and the Pacific coast of Washington state.

Our guides lead bird-watching tours in Washington state to a variety of locations, including the San Juan Islands, western Puget Sound, and Olympic Peninsula. We can also guide birding tours in eastern Puget Sound, the Cascade Mountains, and eastern Washington. All of our birding guides are biologists and/or botanists and seasoned outdoor leaders with publications to their credit. Please follow the links below to learn more about each of these exciting locations for bird-watching in Washington!

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