First Humpback Whale Calf of the Year Spotted Near Washington Island: Watch as It Swims Alongside Its Mother

In the vast expanse of the Salish Sea off Washington, the inaugural sighting of the season’s first baby humpback whale has ignited excitement. Here at Sea Quest Kayak Tours, we are excited by the possibility to see humpback whales from our kayaks! Images captured by Eagle Wing Tours showcases the tender bond between the calf and its mother, Black Pearl, spotted near San Juan Island on April 18.

The Pacific Whale Watch Association shared the news, emphasizing the thrill of anticipating which mother-and-calf pair will arrive first each year. Executive Director Erin Gless expressed delight in encountering Black Pearl, known for frequenting the waters near north Vancouver Island during the summer. Estimated to be between three to four months old, the calf marks another addition to Black Pearl’s lineage, having birthed at least three previous calves. For a chance to see whales from a kayak, join a kayak tour in the San Juan Islands with Sea Quest Kayak Tours. 

Outer Island Excursions also captured moments of the humpback duo gracefully navigating the sea. Each year, humpback whales embark on extensive journeys to warmer climates in Hawaii, Mexico, and Central America for mating and calving, before returning to cooler feeding grounds in the summer, as noted by both the Pacific Whale Watch Association and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The Salish Sea, situated between Washington and British Columbia, Canada, serves as a vital corridor for these majestic marine mammals. Humpbacks are one of a few species of Baleen Whales that call the San Juan Islands their home!