Baja Sea Kayaking Trip Routes & Tour Map: Whale Waters of Mexico

Baja Mexico Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayak Tour Routes in Baja Mexico

A map of each Baja kayaking trip route and whale watching area we explore in Mexico is displayed on the unique itinerary page for that particular Baja tour. Use the sidebar menu to go to the pages about tour details and see the route map.

Big versions of these route maps can be seen by clicking on one of the tiny maps below. This will open a full-size map in PDF format. You will be able to view, zoom, save, and print the PDF version of the map from your computer.

Kayak Tours in Baja California

The first map provides an excellent overview of the Baja California Peninsula and west coast of Mexico. The three international airports of the region are located in the labeled towns of Loreto, La Paz, and Los Cabos. Read this explanation of how kayaking on the different sides of the peninsula is so dramatically different despite their close proximity. Stark contrasts in sea conditions, weather, fish, whales, plants, geology and more are found on opposite sides.

Magdalena Bay is a gray whale breeding sanctuary and the location of our Baja whale watching tours. The Loreto Islands Marine Park includes most of the islands found in the Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California. This inland sea is home to more species of whales than any similar sized body of water in the world.  These Baja kayak tours mostly see blue, fin and Bryde’s whales here, but others can be found.

This map serves to illustrate the Loreto to La Paz Kayak Tour route as both the towns of Loreto and La Paz are labeled.

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Sea of Cortez Blue Whale Triangle Kayak Trip

This map zooms in on the kayaking trip route for the Sea of Cortez Blue Whale Triangle Kayak Trip. It also depicts the starting location of the Loreto to La Paz kayak adventure.

The light blue shaded area is called the “Blue Whale Triangle” by whale scientists who conduct research there. A very large number of blue whales use the triangle as a nursery and it is considered to be globally important for this critically endangered species’ survival.

The islands are all part of the Loreto Islands Marine National Park and you can visit two of these islands on this exciting Baja kayak tour.

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Gray Whale Watching Tours

This map zooms into the whale watching area for the Gray Whale Watching Tours. The one day whale-watching trip begins from Loreto as shown on the map. The multi-day Baja whale watching safari that begins from La Paz also visits Magdalena Bay but La Paz and the driving route is not shown. We hope to have a map that includes this soon.

Once the drive from the town of origin is done, you travel by boat to the gray whale watching area to see a variety of activity within the sanctuary. Mating, birthing, and nursing all take place within the Magdalena Bay sanctuary. Famously friendly whales will approach boats to be scratched and petted! The preserve is also a crucial wintering area for a huge variety of shorebirds, waders, pelicans and other avian wonders.

View the large version and enjoy all the details up close!