Sea Kayak Adventures to Espiritu Santo Island of La Paz, Mexico


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Sea Kayak Adventures to Espiritu Santo Island of La Paz, Mexico

Espiritu Santo Island is the pearl of La Paz Bay and the perfect place for quick getaway kayak tours, and for families with small children. The spectacular western side of the island, as shown in this photo, is deeply carved by long finger-like coves that provide shelter from the winds and waves. This protection makes for easy kayaking and very comfortable camping. The coves lead into desert canyons with hanging fig trees, ripe for exploration on foot.

Isla Espiritu Santo kayaking tours feature stunning scenery. From a sea kayak the island looks like a layer cake of multi-colored volcanic material that depicts its interesting geological history. The many coves terminate in white sand beaches and are filled with turquoise waters full of tropical fishes that you can visit with mask and snorkel. We usually have the opportunity on every trip to snorkel with the friendly sea lions at Los Islotes, a remarkable and very memorable experience!

Los Islotes Sea Lion Haulout on the Espiritu Santo Kayaking Tours - La Paz Kayaking Mexico

This is a base camp style kayaking tour that uses motor boats for support. We usually kayak 2 to 6 miles each day, and the support boats can “rescue” tired paddlers who want to return to camp early to read or snooze on the beach. This flexibility, and the high level of camping luxury, makes this tour ideal for those who want a more relaxed Baja kayak experience or want to take their kids on a Mexico kayaking vacation. The basecamp has large tents, solar showers, and even iced margaritas at happy hour!


Sea Kayaking La Paz – Espiritu Santo Island Kayak Trip Itinerary

  • Day 1 – Arrival in La Paz Mexico Arrival day in La Paz, Mexico. Enjoy the small seaside city of La Paz with its wonderful waterfront malecon walkway and local markets. You are responsible for your own accommodations and meals in La Paz.
  • Day 2 – First day of sea kayaking in Baja Meet at our local guides’ office at 10:00am to get outfitted for a boat ride to base camp on a remote beach on lovely Espiritu Santo Island. Lunch and all meals are provided from this point forward until returning to La Paz. There should be time for some snorkeling, hiking, or kayaking before dinner is served. Expect fantastic star-gazing every night and watch out for the nocturnal ringtail, a delightful mammal often confused with a cat but related to raccoons.
  • Days 3 to 4 – Depending on weather and your interests, we may explore in the kayaks, on foot, or underwater with mask and fins – all have much to offer. Sea kayaking is great for enjoying the scenery of multi-colored cliffs and turquoise waters, finding dolphins, and visiting sea bird nesting colonies. Hiking in the desert canyons is a botanical adventure and the hill tops afford stunning views of the Sea of Cortez and Baja Peninsula mountains. Snorkeling with the tropical fishes is superb and a highlight of most trips is the visit to the Los Islotes sea lion colony where we can cavort with the friendly sea lions. Some folks might want to try their luck with some fishing. We occasionally find whales on this kayak tour, too. Your guides will be available at all times to help you with these activities, identify flora and fauna, and discuss the natural and human history of Baja California.
  • Day 5 – Last day of kayaking in Mexico After snorkeling or kayaking, and a final breakfast at basecamp, the boat will return us to the civilized wonders of La Paz by 12:00 noon. Some people may flight out late in the day.
  • Day 6 – Departure from La Paz, Baja or continue your Mexico vacation Unless you have arranged to spend extra time vacationing in Mexico after your Baja kayaking adventure ends, you should get to airport at least 2 hours in advance of your flight.

Quick Tour Facts for Espiritu Santo Kayaking

Available from October through May. The 5-day Espiritu Santo kayaking adventure fee is $1499. There is an age limit of 12 year or 9 years on family trips! A mix of tandem and solo kayaks are available and we will be rotating among them. Single kayaks are available for an additional charge. All meals are included at the Isla Espiritu Santo kayaking adventure basecamp; meals, hotels and airport transfers in La Paz are not included. Sleeping bags, pads, snorkel gear and wet suits are available for rent in La Paz if you choose not to bring your own.

Visit our Mexico kayaking map page to view or print a larger version of this Baja kayak tour route map.

Satellite View of the Baja Kayak Trips to La Paz Mexico's Espiritu Santo Island

Join us Sea Kayaking to La Paz Mexico’s Espiritu Santo Island this Winter!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What wildlife can I see on a kayak tour of Sea Kayak Adventures to Espiritu Santo Island, La Paz, Mexico?

Typical things you might see on a kayak tour of Espiritu Santo include:

  • Sea Lions – Los Islotes sea lion colony features gregarious sea lions.
  • Nocturnal Ringtail – often confused with a cat, but actually related to raccoons
  • Tropical Fish while snorkeling
  • Occasionally we see whales!

How can I get to Espiritu Santo Island?

Espiritu Santo Island is only accessible by boat or kayak from La Paz. Because of the permitting required we recommend you go with a tour company who knows the area well like Sea Quest Kayak Tours.

Can I camp on Espiritu Santo Island?

Yes you can camp on Espiritu Santo Island. We recommend you go with a tour company because they know the best places to camp and the national park requires camping for permits. A great company to go with is Sea Quest Kayak Tours.

How far is Espiritu Santo from La Paz?

Espiritu Santo is about 35km from La Paz as the crow flys. it would take approximately 2 days of kayaking to get there. Alternatively panga support boats can make the journey in about 1 hour.

Gear List

We provide the following:

Sea kayaks, all related sea kayaking trip gear, safety equipment, transportation to and from La Paz to the launch beach, instruction and expert guides. While camping, all meals are provided. Our all inclusive listing price includes spacious tents to ensure you will be well rested for adventure. Sleeping bags and pads can be rented for an additional nominal fee – but feel free to bring your own!

What you need to bring:

Beach clothing, beach foot wear, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and other miscellaneous camping gear.

A detailed packing list of camping related household items will be provided after you book your tour!

Maps & Routes

Please Note:

We partner with a sister company in Baja. Based off our availability we may refer you to them. Our prices and itineraries are similar but not identical.

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