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Trying to find your way around? Read on to learn about the content, structure, and features of this web site.

The navigation menu on the top is constant throughout the site so you can access any section from anywhere in the website. Please take some time to bookmark your favorite sections and discover the new ones.

The website is divided into six main sections all linked from the navigation menu above: About Us, Kayak Tours, Kayak Rentals, More Information, Used Kayak Sale, Birding Tours, Reservations, and Contact. Drop-down menus will appear for them all when your pointer is placed over them.

Each of the main sections has its own “introductory page”, perhaps better called a “hub” as there are links that lead away from it like spokes to the content pages. The content pages are where you find the most detailed information.

How to Navigate Through Our Website

Home Your likely starting point in the website.

Contact Us How to contact our company.

Our Color Brochure can be downloaded by clicking this link (1.3Mb pdf file). The color brochure is rich in lovely photographs and contains little text. If you are looking for detailed information you should look for it in the website.

About Us This main section introduces you to our quality-conscious adventure company. This hub contains links to the following content pages:

  • Our Adventure Style Learn about the joys of sea kayaking and how we can introduce you to this eco-friendly activity.
  • Why Choose Sea Quest Kayak Tours? If you are confused about which kayak outfitter to pick for your adventure vacation, this should clear up the matter!
  • Beginner Kayaker’s FAQ Your frequently asked questions about kayaking are answered here.
  • Our Sea Kayaking Tour Guides Our trip leaders are the single most important ingredient in the continued success of our adventures. We take a big step beyond other outfitters in selecting guides with the most experience who enjoy being outdoor educators. They’ll make the difference between a good vacation and an unforgettable experience.
  • Sea Kayak Guide Job Posts and office employment listings. Check here for information on available positions to work as a sea kayak guide or administrator. Seasonal jobs are available now so apply soon!
  • Sea Kayaking Equipment Learn about the top quality sea kayaking gear we provide on the tours.
  • Guest Comments & Reviews Find out what our past guests have to say about their experiences.
  • Media Reviews & Articles The media shines its spotlight on Sea Quest!

Sea Kayak Tour Locations This main section serves as a hub that links to all of our sea kayak tour locations. The following sub-sections provide more detailed accounts:

  • Kayak Tours Schedule, Dates & Fees Find an adventure tour date that fits your vacation schedule.
  • Private Kayaking Trips Can’t find a date you like on our schedule? Pick your own dates and charter us for a private trip with your friends, family or co-workers. Many options are available to fit your needs.
  • Custom Kayaking Tours We can create a custom kayak trip for any kind of group, club, school or special interest you have. Families with kids and school groups love our three-person kayaks.
  • Exotic Kayaking Tour Destinations We can take you kayaking anywhere in the world!

Sea Kayaking with killer whales in the San Juan Islands, Washington This sub-section introduces you to the orca whale waters of the Pacific Northwest. Detailed information on a variety of topics about the San Juan Islands kayak tours:

San Juan Island kayaking trips – a summary of all kayak tours we offer in Washington. Each San Juan Island kayak tour has its own detailed description:

Sea Kayaking with Whales in Baja, Mexico This sub-section introduces you to the whale waters of Mexico. Spend winter & early spring snorkeling & sea kayaking in sunny Baja! Detailed information on a variety of topics about the Baja Mexico kayak tours:

Baja Mexico Kayak Tours – a summary of all sea kayak tours we offer in Baja, Mexico. Each Baja Mexico kayak trip has its own detailed description & itinerary:

Sea Kayaking in Alaska This sub-section introduces you to kayaking in America’s last frontier. Icebergs and humpback whales add excitement to the wilderness of Alaska.

Alaska Sea Kayaking Tour Itineraries – a summary of all sea kayak tours we offer in Alaska. Each Alaska kayaking trip has its own detailed description & itinerary:

Sea Kayak Rentals in Washington This main section explains how to rent top quality sea kayaks from Adventure Quest Kayak Tours and Rentals. Brand new fully-outfitted tandems and solo kayaks that are ocean ready and capable of handling all sea conditions when handled by experienced paddlers.

Bird Watching Tours in Washington State This main section invites you to join biologists and birding guide authors Mark Lewis and Fred Sharpe on birding tours to Washington’s San Juan Islands, Puget Sound, Olympic Peninsula, and Pacific Coast. Birding tours on land for terrestrial & marine species, with options for using kayaks or motorized skiff for offshore birds.

More Information This main section acts as a hub with links that point you in the direction of some important information on planning your vacation adventure.

Video & Photo Gallery A hub that leads to videos and different galleries of photographs and images taken on our sea kayaking tours. This section is under construction and we ask for your patience in getting this up to speed. Please contribute your kayaking vacation pics!

Used Kayaks for Sale Take a look at our quality used kayaks and equipment for sale in Washington.

Links to other Websites Some links to guide you along your way in exploring the world of sea kayaking, whale research, and more.